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Interviewer: Hi Shelby. What’s your deepest impression on our kindergarten? And I heard your coordinator said you are extraordinarily patient with every single student in your class. How do you think of that?

Shelby: Well, I was very touched when I first arrived at PVG on August 17th, and because my flight was delayed and when it arrived, it was almost midnight. Andy and the school driver were patiently waiting for me and later safely took to me the school apartment. I really appreciate that. I mean everyone here is very nice and plus, I was rather impressed by the CISK Handbook for Foreign Teachers. It contained a lot of information about teaching and residing at the school and visa thing as well. It was very elaborate and it helped me a lot. As to the patience that my coordinator said, well, firstly, I really appreciate her kind words. I think every student deserves my attention and they deserve the opportunity to enjoy learning English, and I just did my job.
Shelby: 当我817日抵达上海浦东机场的时候我很感动,因为飞机延误,我抵达的时候已经快要半夜12点了,而Andy和校车司机非常耐心地在等我并把我安全送到学校公寓。我对此非常感激。我想说,在这的每一个人都非常的友好。此外,我对学校发给我的《外教手册》印象很深,它涵盖了教学与衣食住行,以及签证等,对我帮助很大。至于我的搭班老师说我很耐心,首先我很感谢她对我的评价。我认为我的每一位学生都值得我注意,每一位孩子都应有享受学习英语的机会,而我只是做了我该做的。

Interviewer: Hi Kieran, would you like to tell me what impressed you most about our kindergarten?
Kieran: I was very impressed by the service that the school provided. You know I went to the Yellow Mountain during the National Day holiday and the school not only booked all the tickets for me but also translated the addresses of my hostel and tourist attractions in Huangshaninto Chinese, and then printed it out for me. Without the help, I’m afraid I could not make it myself. Besides, the textbook is brilliant. New Yippee books are very original and they are very good for the children to learn English at their age. I think the school has made a wise choice. By the way, the television in my classroom is awesome. It’s my first time to use it, and it helped me a lot in my class.
Kieran:我对学校提供的服务印象深刻。你知道吗,这个十一假期我去了黄山,学校不仅帮我把票都订好了,而且把我住的旅舍以及景点等信息翻译成中文,并打印好给我。没有学校的帮助,我恐怕不能完成这次旅行。此外,我觉得学校使用的教材很棒。New Yippee这套书十分地道,对于这个年龄的孩子学习英语非常有帮助,我认为学校使用这套教材是个明智的选择。顺便一提的是,教室里的一体机实在是太棒了,这是我第一次使用它,它在我的课上发挥了重要作用。

Interviewer: Hi Jamzy. I’m wondering if you could share with me your most unforgettable experience in our kindergarten?

Jamzy: For me, I was quite impressed by Chris’s praise when I taught my students how to play basketball. You know, most teachers in the kindergarten are female, and I feel honored to be a male foreign teacher here. I also love music, and the happiest moment for me is singing English songs with my students. As I said in my WeChat, let love lead life. And that’s what I believe.
Jamzy: 对我来说,在我教孩子们如何打篮球时园长对我的鼓励让我印象深刻。你也知道,幼儿园里女老师居多,我为自己能成为这幼儿园的男外教感到荣幸。我还热爱音乐,我最开心的时刻是与孩子们一同唱英文歌的时候。正如我微信签名上写的那样,“让爱来引导生活”,这正是我坚信的。

Interviewer: Hi Irina. As an experienced foreign teacher in our kindergarten, what is your most piercing memory?

Irina: You know it’s my third year in this kindergarten, and there are so many good memories. Among them, I believe the theme-based activities are amazing. For example, at the Halloween party, students put on cute costumes and we played trick-or-treat. In my class, I do not only teach them how to speak English, I also have fun with them through these interesting activities. Fantastic St. Patrick Day, epic Christmas and touching Thanksgiving Day are sure to be on the list.
Irina: 这已是我在常国幼的第三个年头了,我在这儿留下了许多美好的记忆。其中,我想学校多元的节日主题活动最让我印象深刻。例如,在万圣节,孩子们穿着可爱的服饰,我们一同玩耍“不给糖就捣蛋”游戏。在我的课上,我不只教授孩子们如何说英语,我也通过这些节日主题的活动与他们一同享受。超赞的圣帕特里克节、经典的圣诞节、温馨的感恩节当然也在我最喜欢的列表当中。

Interviewer: Hi Evone. Would you mind telling me what has impressed you most since you joined us?

Evone: I was really moved on the Teachers’ Day when Chris gave me the cute plant and lovely wreath. I loved it so much that I wore it all day. I think I have a sense of belonging here. Besides, every time when I need some tools for teaching, for example, the calendar, the school will provide immediately.

Interviewer: Hi Lidia. Would you like to talk about your deepest impression on our kindergarten?

Lidia: I think this school is so nice. When I first visited this school in July, I decided to sign the contract already. And I was impressed by the weekly workshop and the demo class observation a lot. Foreign teachers can learn a lot from each other. Further more, a few days ago, I suggested if the school could ask some teacher to teach us Chinese by paying them once a week during the lunch break, and they gave a positive answer and would launch a program which is free of charge. That is awesome, isn’t it? I mean most foreigners who came to China are curious about her, aren’t they?